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We have become a leading profession in immunizations and medication therapy management.

Currently, I am working with several agencies in our county to foster and encourage inter professional relations. I serve with Dr. Annette Mercatante, MD, Margaret Sturgis. RN, BS, MSN, many other doctors, nurses, police department officers and other professionals at the St. Clair County Health Department and in St Clair County. We have developed the St. Clair County Immunization Coalition, the Prescription Drug Abuse Workgroup and are the sponsors of JET BOX BASEBALL CLUB. (Youth professional baseball).

Our Articles and Purposes.

My hope Is to have you join with me in supporting our local organization (The St. Clair County Pharmacist Association-SCCPA) by simply saying YES. Your membership will be automatically generated at no charge to you .  Future dues may be required to help us fulfill our purposes:

To improve and promote public health.
To foster and encourage inter professional relations.
To improve the science and art of pharmacy for the general welfare of the public.
To assure the public the highest type of pharmaceutical services including medication therapy management and immunizations.
To make gifts, appropriations, or scholarships from our resources from time to time to deserving candidates in or entering the profession of pharmacy.
It is expressly declared that our organization (SCCPA) is a corporation not for gain in individual profit and that no dividend shall be declared or paid to members, and that none of its property, real or personal shall ever be used or expended except in carrying into effect the legitimate ends and aims.